'Bea' Clips - "The Retreat" (2020)
A perspective of one of the #Firefour 
Dramatic Reel 
Compilation of Dramatic Footage. (2019)
"Diabolical" (2019)
 Eugenia is a suspect after her husband is killed.
Comedic Reel 
Compilation of Comedic Footage. (2019)

Comedy Clips

Make Yoga Great Again (2016) clips

This gang of outcasts join yoga for the first time and politics makes their transition a little ugly. 

First Kiss - The Lost Takes (a parody)

Meet one of the pairs that didn't make the final cut. :-/

Drama Clips

Love Unrequited, Will Kill You. (2016)


Silent one character film.

"Anthology Post-Funeral Scene


Former friends, Ricki and Ashley R. expose their true thoughts and feeling of each other.

WiX Pro Tutorial

Take Stunning Product Photos - WiXEd


Take Stunning Product Photos - Tips and Tricks video with